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Meyhané (pronounced, may-ha-neh) is a very old expression used commonly in the Balkans and Anatolia deriving from "mey" (wine) and "hane" (tavern). For hundreds of years, fine musicians performed at these "wine-taverns". Patrons enjoying an aperitif were enthralled by the ageless, exotic sounds of the old Meyhane. The Meyhane of yesteryear greeted its eclectic audiences with violins, ouds, lutes, sazs, upright pear-shaped fiddles, cane flutes, subtle percussion and enchanting vocals. Performers hypnotised the audience with fine musicianship.

Meyhané is a newly formed ensemble of Melbourne-based musicians. Their common interest involves the undying passion of performing the finer forms of traditional music from Anatolia, The Balkans and eastern Mediterranean.

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